Unifreight for Freight Forwarders

Unifreight for Freight Forwarders is a sophisticated ERP package that integrates all the processes and functions of the freight forwarding business under one central system: Shipment Processing, Shipment Tracing & Tracking, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Billing & Financials, Business Process Management (BPM), and Business Intelligence (BI). With more than 100 man-years of development, Unifreight for Freight Forwarders is the most comprehensive and extensive software available for the Freight Forwarding industry.

Unifreight for Freight Forwarders offers a complete range of modular software for import and export forwarding, by air, sea or land, and for handling all types of shipments – full load, consolidation or assembly, including transshipment and onforwarding.

  • Transparency and visibility: Easy access to real-time information at all stages of the execution chain to empower customers – event management control, alerts and status messaging, scheduled reports, data transmission, web access.
  • Billing and accounting capabilities: A variety of accounting features including automatic invoicing based on tariffs and agreements, and reconciliation with logistics partners, especially agents, airlines and ocean carriers, to reduce time spent on recording and auditing invoices.
  • Management tools for controlling, monitoring and analyzing operations. Workflow management facilities, profit reports, queries, statistics and KPIs facilitate informed decision-making.
  • Production of all required documents: Airwaybill, bill of lading, manifest, delivery order, shipping instructions, certificate of origin, and more. Documents can be archived digitally via the Document Management system, creating a paperless office.
  • Interfaces and structured messaging for ensuring connectivity and exchange of data with all business partners in the supply chain - customers, customs, port authorities, airlines, ocean carriers, couriers, warehouses, domestic transportation providers, and others. A built-in interface to Traxon supplies status updates from airlines.


Unifreight provides freight forwarders with an integrated global freight forwarding solution that secures lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and quick return on investment (ROI). Unifreight for Freight Forwarders is uniquely positioned to help freight forwarders keep pace with the challenges of today’s ever-changing environments:

  • The role of the freight forwarder is going through a transformation. In today’s broad global network, freight forwarders have become logistics service providers (LSP).
  • Customers are demanding faster delivery and better service, at lower prices.
  • The traditional freight forwarding business is evolving into a complex global operation, with globalization and security concerns adding risk, cost and complexity to trade processes.
  • Salary costs are increasing, while profit margins are getting slimmer. Freight forwarders are now striving to maximize capacity and minimize costs while profitably meeting the requirements of their customers.

Key Features

The Unifreight work environment

  • Complete automation of work procedures and tasks.
  • Standardization of most business processes through extensible workflow and business rule templates.
  • Seamless integration between Unifreight modules and external applications and partners to minimize manual input, eliminate duplicate data entry, and maximize staff productivity.
  • Automatic execution of rules based on logical definitions, for circulating customer reports and statistics, for issuing alerts and operational instructions, and for handling exceptions.
  • Advanced log utility for documenting all system activities.

Unifreight for Freight Forwarders – Export

  • Air, ocean and land
  • Order management
  • Booking management
  • Vessel management
  • Container storage management
  • Airwaybill stock control
  • Branch and department handling
  • Handling of hazardous goods
  • Flight, voyage and container follow-up to delivery (POD)
  • Connection to airlines and ocean carriers for automatic status updates
  • US AMS transmissions
  • Calculation of agent profit-sharing
  • Carrier commissions
  • Multiple billing (customers, agents) and multiple currency
  • Tariffs for freight, other-charges, surcharges, and local charges
  • Trucking tariffs
  • Production of all required documents in a single entry
  • Pickup notes
  • Build manifest (consolidation, container load plan)
  • Letter of credit handling
  • Airwaybill editing, printing, and sending to customer email
  • Label printing
  • Airline statement validation
  • Trucker statement validation
  • Agent payment balances
  • Accounting closure
  • Online profit and loss (consolidation and shipment level)

Unifreight for Freight Forwarders – Import

  • Air, ocean and land
  • Branch and department handling
  • Build consolidation
  • Ad-hoc shipments
  • Arrival and pre-alert notices to customers
  • Follow-up of attached documents
  • Integration with SCM
  • Expected shipments query
  • Tariffs for freight, other-charges, surcharges, and local charges
  • Calculation of agent profit-sharing
  • Multiple billing and multiple currency
  • Agent reconciliation
  • Agent payment balance
  • Accounting closure
  • Online profit and loss (consolidation and shipment level)

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